Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I attended this workshop as a guest of Antonia Mariconda, my objective was simply to give an honest review of the Twitter for Success Workshop.

This 'sold out' workshop was held at the fabulous Soho Hotel, London I met with 24 other like minded individuals all looking to emulate Antonia's Twitter success. Now here is a woman who knows her Twitter and, with over 41,000 followers (and growing by the second) she knows a thing or two about this subject. Twitter is rather like Marmite, your either love it or you hate it...

Firstly, the Soho Hotel is a fantastic hotel for hosting meetings, centrally located and bursting with cool designs and ultra hip rooms, I felt right at home... Antonia had already set up the room (I was a little early) with every imaginable breakfast treat you could think of, fresh fruit, pastries, biscuits, tea & coffee, smoothies & water. If you think this lady hosts a stuffy workshop think again.

Every delegate received a pad, pencil, agenda and a little bag of sweet treats to keep energy levels but be assured, as lovely as this was, you didn't need them as this group was buzzing...

Mingling before the workshop started was encouraged and I noticed that Antonia personally met every delegate, it's no surprise that some had already been on her hugely successful Beauty Blogger Workshop, so this kind of says it all.

A heading stating "I have 180 minutes to change the way that Twitter works for you" is quite a statement and one Antonia certainly seems to think she can deliver. So did she? Let's find out....

Antonia kicked off the workshop with some surprising stats which had the room gasping, I could tell you the facts & figures but that would rather spoil the point of attending. If like me, you struggle to fit Twitter into your daily schedule you MUST attend the next workshop. Antonia rather cleverly
 schedules her tweets, something she's happy to share and I must stress at this stage that Antonia is
happy to share her knowledge and let others benefit, how inspiring is that?
I'm not going to divulge the content of this workshop, as that would rather spoil it for those that truly want to benefit from attending this incredibly 'hot topic' but all I will say is that all of my personal objectives were met and then some.

It's interesting to note that Twitter is now more popular than Facebook, it's also one of the first places that people and businesses will look for news and views and share information. It's a 24/7 instant communication tool accessible to everyone.

I didn't know my widgets from my buttons to my tools but I certainly do now.

Antonia and her team work seamlessly together although I guess she could have hosted this workshop on her own.

A sassy, confident presenter Antonia answered all questions competently and no question was
deemed too daft or irrelevant. For me, Antonia is sharing her knowledge at an affordable price that many would take advantage of, she knows her 'stuff' and despite appearances (yes she is glamorous and gorgeous and some don't like it) is a leader in her chosen field. Many would be jealous but not me, I can't wait for the next one.

So did she deliver? Oh yes and then some..... after we left it was a quick turn around for Antonia as she was hosting a private 'Twitter for Success' workshop for a corporate client, wow! 2 workshops, 50 happy delegates....

P.S. It would be rude not to mention the fabulous goodie bag crammed full of beauty products and the  workshop notes waiting for me on my return home. The best bit, we now have an official workshop meet up planned and I've made friends with people that I feel will be with me for a long long time.

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